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Those involved in traffic signage are very familiar with the seemingly never ending myriad of breakaway signpost systems. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires that sign posts used on the Interstate highway system are evaluated in accordance with NCHRP (National Cooperative Highway Research Project) Report 350.

Approved traffic sign posts have been tested to determine adherence to several safety requirements including but not limited to; the rate at which they cause a vehicle to decelerate and whether they penetrate the vehicle cabin during an impact.

Although most signposts in use today thankfully meet breakaway criteria this does not mean they necessarily address the requirements of installers, field engineers, pedestrians and financial planners of the nation’s traffic sign departments.

Real world requirements; if a sign post is damaged can the base or anchor be reused, does it leave a projection of metal (potential trip hazard) above grade, is the breakaway component overly complex in terms of piece parts, method of installation or repair, can it be implemented in the field and perform in a consistent manner?

In 1987 a fledgling manufacturer of sign post installation equipment discovered a disparity existed between the requirements of the regulatory bodies and those practicing the trade of maintaining traffic sign posts; a new idea was born. The young firm’s objective was to develop a Signpost Breakaway System which better blended these two requirements.

Years of helping traffic operations people install and repair sign posts would prove to be an ideal means of studying the real needs of the field and to develop methods of improving small sign supports. This Signpost System would be designed in a new way to meet the needs of the real world, it would reflect the requirements of those who would use it.

Success did not come easy; the company’s dogged determination for the many years which followed would result in a revolutionary way of installing traffic sign posts, now known as the Break-Out Breakaway Signpost System.

Since the first patent was awarded to the firm it has remained true to its original purpose, and as a result has become an industry leader.

With a focused commitment to investment in research and development Sign Support Systems continues to expand it's intellectual property portfolio, ensuring a steady stream of innovative new products meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.

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