Square Post Coupler
U.S. PATENTS 6113055, 6457895, 7793910, 7779589, CANADA PATENTS 2417436, 2632252 INTERNATIONAL AND OTHER PATENTS PENDING.

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Square Post Coupler

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Promising to forever change the way Traffic Signs are installed.

The square Break-Out is an easy to use alternative to conventional telescopic signpost breakaways which enables permanent anchor base installations in soil, asphalt or concrete.

Not just another breakable bolt or splice connection. Break-Out is the worlds only breakaway device in which the fasteners play no role in the breakaway feature.

The product is engineered to ensure maximum wind load capability of 120 mph (90% of the post bending moment) and not fail as a result of fatigue.


For roughly the cost of a triangular slip base hardware kit (up to 75% less per complete installation) the Break-Out offers advanced features within a reliable user friendly design.

Gone are the piles of parts, torque wrenches and complicated installation/repair methods.

The square Break-Out is currently available for 1-3/4", 2-0/0", 2-1/4" and 2-1/2" (12 & 14 gauge) square posts.

Break-Out Firsts

  • Fasteners and bolt torque play no role in breakaway feature.
  • Breaks away with a set amount of force from any angle of incidence (360º), irrespective of speed of impact.
  • The coupler shears flush with the surface and plugs the opening without leaving shards of metal to reduce trip-fall accidents.
  • The Anchor base is undamaged even if the Break-Out is directly impacted by a vehicle wheel, undercarriage or mower/plow blade.
  • Made of ductile material, and incorporating a patented tri-circular shear section (directly related to the actual post strength) Break-Out will elongate (bend) up to 12% ensuring high wind load capability.
  • No special tools (torque wrenches) are required for installation, just a ratchet and a pair of pliers.
  • Wedge-Lock® feature securely and quickly attaches to the anchor.
  • Utilizes existing tamper proof or standard fasteners.
  • After impact the sign can be repaired in less than 5 minutes by removing the wedge from the anchor and inserting a new coupler.
  • Simple with 3 components, you can say goodbye to complicated slip bases, straps, bars, breakable bolts and splices.
  • The Break-Out system makes it easy to change post types without a new anchor installation. To use a U-channel or round post in lieu of a square tube simply insert the correct version of Break-Out into your existing anchor and attach the corresponding top post.

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